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Upcoming: Summer Tubing

GIGJam, the rules on the theme aren’t that easy but that one idea I had in mind, Tubing, works. Here’s the start of my README (I always do that first). I only found a snow tubing game on google play and a 1988 arcade/NES version, so the idea is unique enough. If you like it and maybe you are a small game publisher or studio, I’m still auctioning the game and it stands at $100

Summer Tubing is a sports game where you sit in a pumped up car tire and raft down a wild water river. Experience a sunny afternoon drifting down the stream or race against others.


Your feet and bum in the water for keeping the direction leaves only your hands for paddling. Slide down the sides of the screen to move your arms and paddle.

May 4, 2013 at 8:10am •