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One Game A Month

Creating games is exciting, in 2012 I released five and started a few more that I won’t mention again. For 2013 I’ll join over 2000 over devs who will release one new game every month. 12 games in total. Thanks to gamejam master McFunkypants for that idea and website, I humbly maintain a group on github where you soon should see dozens if not hundreds of repos popping up. Even a few complete git beginners are among them which makes me very happy as I always advocate for using git or any other version control.

The game for January is already in the making, loosely based on the löve2d codebase of Kollum: The Pressure Valve it will be another roguelike, about surfing. Yes, Rogue Beach, CA will break the limits of the genre just like FTL did last year.

Other plans for OneGameAMonth are to develop my existing code bases and get each game good enough for IndieDB and, most important, make at least a bundle or sell singular games over the year.

January 1, 2013 at 0:21am •