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Kollum: The Pressure Valve

Possible the most complete game I released this year is Kollum: The Pressure Valve which I created during LD25 in the usual 48 hours.

The löve2d codebase borrows some code from the previous game Cross Country Runner, making this already the 3rd re-incarnation with a 4th coming in January. Unlike the previous games it is strictly turn-based, meaning the NPC won’t move unless you do (not everyone understood that). This is the first game where I used a proper noise function (Simplex Noise) to create the map, place items and players. With those two new additions to the codebase it is in the strict definition of a roguelike, one genre I was always tempted but at the same time shocked by the level of detail some roguelikes have. Best of all, map generation is completely seeded, meaning once I add the input fields you can give your friends a number and they can play the very same levels you did. Isn’t that exciting?

Kollum is also the first game I’ve put into IndieDB, my confidence is clearly growing, and I intend to keep working on it as the simplistic gameplay has huge potential.

December 31, 2012 at 23:46pm •


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