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Fortress Middle Management: Servants of Blood

Servants of Blood is a game I started only last week. It’s my take on Dwarf Fortress and my incapability to create megaprojects.

In Servants of Blood you will have many similarities to DF but you won’t be in a god-like role. Instead you role will be the manager, the busy dwarfen noble who’s task it is to assign jobs to all the dwarfs, be it creating 10 beds for the new migrants, send miners down the shafts or post ads in the capital’s newspapers to attract new migrants (children welcome!).

No more macro-management for you, the plan is already drafted and you are mearly executing whatever crazy idea the boss is placing in your inbox. Of course it will contain lots of spreadsheets, fascinating graphs and plenty of statistics for your yearly reports.

The game is using LÖVE2d, so expect it to run on windows, mac and linux. For the devlog see here: http://servantsofblood.tumblr.com

November 12, 2012 at 10:48am •