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I love creating games, more than I like playing them. It is the fascination for different engines (I’m smart enough not to create my own engine from scratch), improving my design patterns and sharpen my skill for creating User Interfaces. To be fair, I create prototypes, barely more than that but I want to professionalize. So far I had little commercial success, hardly enough to buy me a pint.For 2013 I not only do 1GAM but I also plan to get at least one of my prototypes polished and published in a smaller bundle, a first step to commercial success.

Something I lack as a programmer is graphic skills and I’m happy about any talent who’d like to work with me on a game for a great financial success.

Here’s the games I created so far, prototypes, demos, not really finished or polished games except for Unstack 2.

Waiting to be released


  • Valley of a Thousand Flowers is my first board game, created during Ars Electronica Festival Game Jam with a lot of friends.
  • B.O.O.B.S. Saves the Day is my first text adventure, created during Ludum Dare #27
  • Kollum will get a major update in Summer, new graphics are already done.
  • Where is Pixel is my take on Where is Waldo? and was created during Ludum Dare #26 It comes in three difficulties and will get more levels soon.
  • Unstack 2 is a remake of the 2011 game displaying all the things I’ve learned since about making a game look great. Android, CoronaSDK
  • Poppy was created in march and is a fangame for the 2012 movie Sightseers. LÖVE
  • Space Race: Earth is a slightly improved version of the simple moon lander. 2-player. LÖVE
  • Rogue Beach, CA is a roguelike surf game. LÖVE




And several more uncompleted and unreleased games about ants, bees and other things