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Gamedev Grand Tour

Following dates and locations are planned, feel free to mail me if you know a event to fill the gaps. I’d love to host little booths or talks about those small prototypes and devlogs that I think will become great games.

As I travel by car I will have empty seats for chatty devs :D

  • Brighton: from 13th of June
  • Bath: from 18th of June
  • Birmingham: Rezzed 22/23rd of June
  • Linz: GameStage 28th of June, I’ll host a game prototypes booth
  • metalab Stadtflucht 4-7th of July
  • maybe to be continued

I’ve started an art book for the devs I meet to fill. Here’s the first few pages from Munich, more to come soon, I’ve added a sketch I received from the Dwarf Fortress devs last year, minecarts jumping over a gores. How awesome is that?

See the Ascii Lander in action

Das Tal

see all on imgur