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Ananasblau Games is a one-man-show, namely Thomas R. Koll (known as TomK32).

A Ruby on Rails developer since 2007, before that PHP projects as early as 2001. There was an enormous amount of contributions Wikipedia from 2002 upto 2005. Since 2007 I’m a regular at Schiede Hallein where I try new things every year and also do my best for the community spirit. My github account has become a mess over the years but you might still find it interesting in there. Writing games is something I’ve taken up in 2010, I enjoy trying out new engines, new genres and participate in gamejams and I organized the 2011 Super Gamedev Weekend at metalab Vienna, help with three of the GameStage events in Linz and you can also find me as ananasblau on TigSource forums. I’ve also been elected to be the first treasuerer of DevLoL, Linz’s first hackerspace. I’m open for new projects both gamedev and webdev, but most of the time I’m busy for Naiku

Other stuff I do: photography, art and terrible music.

I show pretty much all symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome. Good to keep that in mind when working with me.

Jams, Shows etc

For the games jams I participated in please refer to the list of games, notable jams were the 2010 Super Gamedev Weekend at metalab, and the jam at the 2013 Ars Electronica Festival where doebi and I created our very first board game.

I’ve also had smaller roles in the GameStage@AEC events #2, #3, and #4 (both 2013) where I showed my own little prototypes as well as games by other gamedevs. Most of those games where created during gamejams or had devlogs on e.g. tigsource that I fell in love with.


Contact me via mail info@ananasblau.com

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